Pooch Duty Pooper Scooper Services

Hello and welcome to Pooch Doody, we are pet waste removal professionals who are passionate about educating pet owners about the importance of keeping a healthy environment for their pets and families through dog poop removal, a service that helps to keep your yard clean when your are busy.

Pet waste can transmit many diseases including salmonella, ecoli, giardia, and roundworms. Properly cleaning up after your pets keeps your yard clean making for more usable space. Promptly disposing of dog poop also prevents them from eating their own stool, something you will appreciate next time your furry companion gives you a kiss. Listen, we know you don't always have the time to pick up after your dogs the way you know you should and thats why we are here to help with affordable pooper scooper services.

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Home Poop Scooping Service

We are here to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning up after your pets! We know you are busy and don't always have time to properly clean up after your dog or dogs, so we are here to help! We recommend DoodyCalls for pet waste removal services in your yard. For much less money than you might expect per week you can have someone else walk your yard and clean up the poop for you. These technicians walk your yard at a scheduled time and either dispose of the waste in your trash can or we can even take it with us for disposal.

No more running to the store for routine pet food and supplies.

No more lifting heavy bags of food and lugging them home.

Complete cleanup and removal of canine waste from front

and back yard.

Pet Foot Delivery Service

Pooch Duty has a recommended our favorite pet food delivery service for your convenience.

A selection of healthy dog foods they are sure to love.

Schedule Recurring Orders of your pet’s favorite food & have Auto-Delivered, right to your door.

Premium quality ingredients to promote a long and healthy life.

Wide selection of Dog & Cat Food, Treats & Supplies.

No minimum order required!

Customized auto-delivery frequency, (every 2-to-12-weeks).